The Open-Air Peat Museum is about peat and the people who harvested it. Peat is burned for heat and energy. I found this museum interesting because it is amazing how many things you can do with peat. For example, some of the houses are actually made out of peat, but the play house in the shape of a shoe is made out of wood. In the wooden shoe there is running water which you might find strange because you wouldn't think that they would install water in a house so far out in the country. You will also see a barber and all of his tools are old-fashioned. Across the museum make sure to visit their church. It is strange that they turned a barn into a church because you would think it would be disrespectful to have church service in a plain old barn. What did they do with all the animals? They must have lived with them because you'll notice one of the houses has an animal pen in the corner. You will also see an iron workshop which is neat because the whole place smells of iron. Another thing to notice is that they used clay ovens. If you have time, make sure you go on the steam train ride around the museum. Also, check out the very tall climber at the exit. Make sure to try that fast slide!



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