Miscellaneous tips, information, and observations:
  • To use the phone booths you have to have a phone card. Buy the phone cards at the train station.

  • Holland has fisherman clubs made up of old men who go fishing together on the canals.

  • Street organ can be found on most pedestrian-only streets.

  • There are lots and lots of Pannenkoeken Houses here which have giant, flat pancakes that come on homungous plates. Often the plates are delftware which is a type of famous blue and white ceramic that has pictures of the Netherlands on them.

  • In Leiden you can find lots of quotes and poems written in different languages on the walls.

  • A hint about TV: even if you have cable, you have to get something else to get Cartoon Network. Beware!

  • Holland uses a different voltage, so you should make sure to get a European adapter.