How the Dutch Get Around

The public transportation in the Netherlands is among the best in the world. Of the trains, my favorite is the Double Decker. They run at least twice an hour (between big cities they run four times an hour). The buses also go around most cities (in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam there are also trams and metros). YOU MUST HAVE A STRIPPEN KAART to ride the buses and trams, and you can buy them at the station beforehand. Strippen kaarts, like train tickets, can be bought from either a machine or the ticket counter. If you use the machine you must have coins. Otherwise you should go to the ticket counter. To ride the train, Kids should get a Railrunner pass for f2.50 and they can ride anywhere in the Netherlands for that day. If you buy this pass from the ticket counter you get a pack of Railrunner Rappies, which are cards that you put together. But most people in Holland ride bicyles, and it is nice to ride in the country.