In Goes you can take a ride on an old Steam Train. The train is green, not yellow and blue like the Nederland Spoor trains. Another interesting thing about the steam train is that it has 3rd and 2nd class passenger cars instead of 2nd and 1st. After a forty minute journey the train will reach the other end, and the conductors will uncouple the engine from the rest of the train so that it can go back the other way. (I have found that in my model trains this is because the cars do not weigh very much and the train has to have the weight at the front because otherwise it will derail). But before it can recouple it must get more water because it is a steam engine and steam is formed by heating up water. It is very neat to watch. There is also an onboard shop where you can buy drinks and small toys like whistles. I suggest you call ahead of time because I think this train only runs on a certain day and you wouldn't want to miss it!



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