Zaanse Schans is an open-air museum filled with windmills, and surprisingly they are made of thatch. The windmill closest to the entrance is called "De Kat" ("The Cat"), and it crushes chalk into pigment. The second windmill you will see is called "De Zoeker" ("The Seeker"), and this one grinds nuts into oil. Make sure to notice the goats in the front yard of this windmill! You will see lots of polders here (land that was under the sea and now has the water pumped out of), and also how they make wooden shoes. These are very typical for the Dutch when they work in the fields because they keep out the wetness. At the same place you can also see nicely carved shoes which were made by a groom for his bride to wear at their wedding. This museum is better to go to on sunny days (but don't count on a lot of those...there aren't very many of them in the Netherlands!)



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