The Prehistoric Open-Air Museum is a reconstruction of an iron-age farm. Do you know what? The farm has three wooden canoes that were hand carved (only one is seaworthy, though). You can ride on one of them, and I did three times! You are also allowed to climb in a tree house with a ladder that is made of only one branch with notches in it. While you are there you should look inside the cow stables which are, of all things, also sleeping places (that must have stunk!!). In the Ironsmith's house notice the bellows that keep the fire going so that they can continually work on the iron. You might also be able to see a person weaving using wool that was dyed by boiling it with colored plant material. Also check out the weird wooden gong that was used to warn of coming danger and the spear game. The iron-age people also played a game where they spat beans. In general I thought the farm was interesting because they had so many things even though they had so few supplies. You should see it, and if you get the chance on special days you can eat pancakes that are baked over an open fire. They taste very good!



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