St. John's Church has lots and lots of stained glass windows (64 to be precise). Most of the windows are about Jesus, and one of the windows is about when Jesus was healing everybody. There is a considerable difference between the Catholic windows and the Protestant windows. For example, the Catholic ones are a lot more colorful then the Protestant windows. The reason that there are Catholic and Protestant windows in the first place is that the Protestants took over the church in 1573 when it was only half finished. That was the time of the Reformation. The Reformation was the time period when the Protestants split from the Catholics, and it started when a guy called Martin Luther nailed a board on the door of his church which said that he thought the church was using its money in a bad way. You might notice that the shape of the church is a cross, and it is Gothic because it has pointy windows. Another Reformationist was named John Calvin and he had a great influence on the Dutch. This is recommended if you like stained glass windows, otherwise not!


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