The Cheese Farm in Hoog Made is a small, family run, cheese farm. If you go through the cheese farm, the first thing you see are paddles turning the liquid which later turns into cheese. The way they make cheese (all the farms have there own way, but this is how they do it) is by taking milk from the cows and adding rennet (which they get from the stomach of a newborn calf...they now get it from a company that produces it). After that they heat it up to 91.4 degrees F. Next they scoop out the stuff in the bottom (it looks like cottage cheese to me). Before they put the stuff into molds, they squeeze it through cheesecloth. Then they put it in salt water, put their sticker on it, and coat it with wax. It sits for a varying length of time depending on what kind of cheese it is. If your parents let you, I recommend climbing the haystack which is really very fun. It has a roof that raises and lowers to protect it from the rain. They also have lambs which they sell. You might not be able to visit this particular cheese farm (because it is only open to the public once a year, when Leiden's International center goes), but there are many more in the area.



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