The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is the house where Anne Frank* and her family hid for more than two years during World War II! Now before I start telling you what this is about, I think I should tell you why Anne, her father Otto, her mother Edith, and her sister Margot went into hiding. The reason is that they were Jews and during that time (1942-1944), which was World War II, the Germans occupied the Netherlands, and they were sending Jews to the concentration camps (where they would send you into a 'shower' which was actually poisonous gas). The Frank family hid in Otto's office, in the top two floors of the building. One of the things I liked best was that the entrance to the hiding place, or the Annex, was a bookcase. In the Annex, Anne and her sister shared a bedroom, so did Otto and Edith. Soon after they went into hiding they were joined by the Van Pels family (Hermann, Auguste, and their son Peter) **, and then later by a man called Fritz Pfeffer. They ate on the top floor so that they were less likely to be heard. On August 4,1944 they were betrayed, no-one knows whom by, and sent to concentration camps. Only Otto survived. This museum is neat because it shows that people can live for long periods in a confined place with no fresh air. I highly recommend it!

*Have you read the Diary of Anne Frank?
**It is said that Anne had a crush on Peter.


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